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Application Performance Management & Observability

Get code-level tracing, squash bugs and continuously observe and improve your application’s user experience from dev to production with Retrace full lifecycle APM.

Increase efficiency with centralized logs

Streamline troubleshooting and issue resolution with aggregated application and server logs, plus enhanced search and drill down capabilities.

  • Consolidate web requests, SQL queries and HTTP calls across all logs
  • Go from a log statement to a full transaction trace
  • View, search and drill-down all app and server logs
  • Analyze more efficiently with log tags and structured logging
  • Configure and monitor customized log queries

Go beyond monitoring with integrated APM

Continuously improve user satisfaction by capturing key metrics across your entire stack throughout the entire life of every application you monitor.

  • Critical metrics monitoring with fully integrated alerts
  • User-defined metrics with custom, role-based dashboards
  • Built-in Apdex user satisfaction scoring
  • Confirm performance updates with deployment tracking
  • Quickly identify and resolve slow dependencies
  • Improve your app’s performance/user experience with Retrace App Score

Find and eliminate hidden errors in your code

Resolve exceptions and reduce MTTR with increased visibility into poor performing dependencies, legacy code, framework sections and hidden exceptions. By integrating code profiling, error tracking and application logging with powerful APM, Retrace dramatically improves app performance and IT efficiencies.

  • View logs and exceptions side-by-side
  • Identify and optimize unique exceptions
  • Monitor and improve exception rates
  • Proactively identify application bugs

Common logging frameworks are also supported for reporting exceptions to Retrace


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Lightweight code profiling for heavyweight results

Quickly destroy bugs and knockout performance problems by removing the guesswork in application monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization. Lightweight code-level profiling delivers heavyweight APM power with detailed snapshots of exactly what your code is doing with every request.

  • Automatically collects all frameworks and dependencies
  • Tracks every SQL query executed by your code
  • Profiles async code for understanding your opponent better
  • Provides usage and performance metrics anywhere your code makes an HTTP request

Server & application metrics at your fingertips

Powerful yet flexible, Retrace simplifies application performance optimization by putting detailed metrics with actionable insights about all your servers and applications in one place.

  • Easily create custom dashboards to track what’s important
  • Share individualized app dashboards with individuals or teams
  • Adjust settings to align dashboards with different goals
  • Customize dashboards with automated alerts, notifications and reports
  • Provide leadership with at-a-glance feedback on more than application health

Real User Monitoring – RUM for all and all for RUM

Proactively improve application performance where it matters most – with the user! Retrace RUM combines front-end and back-end monitoring, so you see the big picture.

  • Merge client and server-side traces into one comprehensive view
  • Optimize resource performance with resource breakdown reports
  • Ensure a more engaging user experience
  • Get real with your real user monitoring

Deploy with confidence

Optimize app performance, expedite troubleshooting and maximize efficiency with deployment tracking and application monitoring under one roof.

  • See exactly when, where and how deployments happen
  • Click through deployment markers for actionable insights
  • Automate deployment tracking integrations with your CI/CD tool of choice
  • Directly attribute changes in application performance to specific deployments

Automatic instrumentation for your stack

Retrace works out of the box with your .NET, .NET Core, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python and Java stacks, plus supports dozens of your most common frameworks.

  • SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • AWS, Azure


Retrace Works with Your Favorite Tools

Retrace works out of the box with popular programming languages, containers, and cloud providers. View our complete list of supported integrations.

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