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Netreo and GDPR

Netreo is committed to ensuring our continued GDPR compliance beyond the 2018 deadline. Our policies, procedure, security practices, and development guidelines will be continually improved and updated to continue compliance.

Our Approach

We have always built our solutions with a mind for security and privacy, never collecting data that is unnecessary for the operation of our business and product(s), protecting access to data, and having proper data retention and deletion policies and procedures.

Even if you are outside of the EU, we protect your data in the same way, and apply the same privacy policies and practices.



Netreo provides a data protection addendum with revised terms and conditions to address GDPR compliance which may be applied to your account. If you would like to begin the process to execute the DPA, please email us  at

Security and Privacy

At Netreo, we take seriously our role of safeguarding your company’s sensitive information and recognize the role we play in ensuring that we are a strong link in your data privacy and security ecosystem.

For more information on Security Practices, click here; for our Privacy Policy, click here

For any questions, please contact us at 

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