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Self-Hosted Retrace APM & ELM

Optimal App Performance with Maximum Data Control

Self-Hosted Retrace is a high-value enterprise deployment option for hosting Retrace full life cycle APM and ELM on your dedicated Azure Cloud. With Stackify deploying and managing your Retrace instance, enterprises simplify app performance optimization while retaining valuable APM, errors, logs and metrics data within secure corporate domains.

Full Life Cycle Retrace Hosted in Your Azure Cloud

Reap all the benefits of Retrace while keeping your APM and ELM data within the boundaries of your secure Azure cloud. Self-Hosted Retrace ensures compliance with your security requirements, eliminates egress charges and improves cost control.

How Self-Hosted Retrace Works

The Self-Hosted Retrace deployment option simplifies how enterprises leverage Retrace APM for mission-critical app monitoring and performance optimization. Stackify handles Retrace APM implementation, provisioning and management. Enterprise customers enjoy Retrace full life cycle APM with custom, business-specific app and server monitoring, error tracking and consolidated error and log management.

OTel Observability for Enterprises / MSPs

The Self-Hosted, OTel Experience

Pairing Self-Hosted Retrace with the Netreo OTel Appliance gives enterprises unparalleled observability into mission-critical, hybrid cloud apps and services. Taking full advantage of both single- and multi-tenant cloud capabilities, Self-Hosted Retrace with OTel gives organizations the robust monitoring capabilities needed to confirm apps meet SLAs and other compliance requirements.

Why Self-Hosted Retrace?

Control & Enhance the Value of Your Application Data

With mission-critical metrics, traces and logs residing on your own Azure Cloud, enterprises benefit from the inherent flexibility, scalability, data management and control that comes with a dedicated cloud environment:

  • Leverage data privacy, security & protection configurations already in-place in Self-Hosted Retrace to safeguard your sensitive application data
  • Enhanced data control ensures your enterprise applications are compliant, conform to strict industry regulations & deliver a great user experience
  • Eliminate cloud egress charges & enjoy better cost control when adjusting Self-hosted Retrace to meet changing organizational needs
  • Easily fine-tune configurations, adjust data retention policies & integrate metrics, traces & logs data seamlessly with other platforms & tools
  • Improve data analysis & resource planning efficiency with long-term access to mission-critical enterprise app data
  • Easily accommodate fluctuations in application traffic data volumes with flexible resource scaling

Automatic instrumentation for your stack

Retrace works out of the box with your .NET, .NET Core, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python and Java stacks, plus supports dozens of your most common frameworks.

  • SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • AWS, Azure


Retrace Works with Your Favorite Tools

Retrace works out of the box with popular programming languages, containers, and cloud providers. View our complete list of supported integrations.

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