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Preview OpenTelemetry Ingestion in Prefix

Comprehensive, Vendor-Agnostic Observability
It’s easy to maximize app performance with your FREE preview trial of Prefix featuring OpenTelemetry. With the latest open-source observability protocol, OTel Prefix streamlines application development with universal telemetry data ingestion, unmatched observability and extended language support.

The Power of OTel for Developers

OTel Prefix puts the power of OpenTelemetry in the hands of developers, supercharging performance optimization for your entire DevOps team. With unmatched observability across user environments, new technologies, frameworks and architectures, OTel Prefix simplifies every step in code development, app creation and ongoing performance optimization for your apps and your team!

  • OpenTelemetry protocol extends Prefix stack support to 12 languages
  • Vendor-agnostic telemetry data ingestion supports universal log & trace streams from any application or OpenTelemetry collector
  • Extended tracing capabilities improves troubleshooting & shortens MTTR
  • Simplified applications instrumentation & extended language support shortens app development time
  • Improved real-time code profiling delivers better smart suggestions, logs, Summary Dashboards & all the user benefits of Prefix Premium

The Developer’s Sidekick

Tried & True, Real-Time Code Profiling & Tracing
Not quite ready for OpenTelemetry? More than 40,000 developers worldwide release optimized apps faster every day, leveraging the real-time feedback of our production version of Prefix. No wonder it’s called the Developer’s Sidekick. Start your free trial today!

Thousands of developers create great applications every day using Prefix.

The power of APM for developers

With Summary Dashboards, consolidated logs, distributed tracing, smart suggestions and the ability to jump from logs to traces (and back), Prefix puts powerful APM capabilities in the hands of developers. Prefix code profiling and tracing helps you optimize performance at the code level, so you release better code faster, every time, and your apps always deliver maximum performance.

For every developer on your team

Powerful yet easy to use, Prefix provides instant feedback on precisely what your code is doing, pinpointing issues in real time and delivering actionable insights for fast debugging. By validating the performance of code as it is written, Prefix helps you push better code to testing, receive fewer support tickets from production and improve the productivity of your entire development team, making you and your manager very happy!

Works with your stack

Developers create great apps with Prefix for macOS, Windows and Linux using the following languages:

View SQL Queries

Make your job easier by letting Prefix identify underperforming SQL queries, ORM generated queries and previously unknown bottlenecks. Tracking every SQL call parameter, affected record and download times, Prefix also makes it easy to spot and correct dreaded N+1 patterns.

Your new favorite log viewer

Stop sorting through messy log files. Prefix brings all of your logs together in a consolidated log viewer to quickly locate issues, explore the context of suspicious logs within each request and jump directly from a log into a trace for effortless debugging.

  • Structured logging
  • View logs by request
  • Search for specific terms
  • Export to csv

Distributed Tracing

Prefix ensures optimum application performance in cloud environments by blending distributed tracing with our powerful code profiling. Distributed tracing extends observability across cloud-native applications with multiple containers and microservices, helping developers optimize each transaction. Powerful code profiling helps all your applications deliver a great user experience, eliminating poor-performing dependencies and hidden exceptions with deep insights into…

  • Web services
  • Cache services
  • 3rd party services
  • Plus dozens of other dependencies

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