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Top YouTube Channels for Developers of all Levels

By: Ben
  |  March 18, 2023
Top YouTube Channels for Developers of all Levels

Amongst the tribe of infinite learners, self-taught programmers, and digital nomads, there are few tools better than YouTube. What started as a simple video-sharing site is now arguably the second largest search engine in the world, rich with educational resources that puts the Library of Alexandria to shame.

In fact, Google says, “more than 7 in 10 viewers use the platform for help with a problem they’re having with their work, studies, or hobbies.” And who doesn’t want to feel more “prepared”, “smarter,” and “inspired” to start the new year off?

The beginning of 2018 is the perfect time to start learning something new. Whether you’re adding a new language to your toolbox or learning to program for the first time, YouTube is the perfect place to start.

Top Youtube Channels for Developers of all Levels
Source: 2and2/Google, “The Values of YouTube” Study, Oct. 2017 (n of 1,006 consumers between the ages of 18-54, with 918 monthly YouTube users). Respondents were asked to choose which platforms made them feel a range of emotions.

YouTube has hundreds of channels for curious developers of all experience levels. There are web dev influencers discussing everything from JavaScript and CSS, to advanced tech theory and computer science lectures.

Searching for the best channels can take a lot of work, but we have you covered. Here are 10 YouTube channels that will benefit developers of all levels.

To make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 developer YouTube channels, with something for enthusiasts of all levels.

Top 10 developer YouTube channels

With just about 415,000 subscribers, is a terrific resource for both web dev beginners, and seasoned veterans of the industry. Learn Code touches on everything from HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics, to more advanced server administration and deployment strategies. Learn Code has set up a number of playlists, which makes it easier to pick and choose exactly what topic you want to learn more about and dive in from there.

One of the biggest selling points for Learn Academy is their ability to look both at the higher-level, abstract concepts, and then dive deep into the details and the how-to’s. Take a look at their How Redux Works Tutorial for a great example of conceptual learning.


DevTips is brought to us by its creator, and industry genius, Travis Neilson. Travis is a Google employee, although as he likes to point out, “that has nothing to do with this channel”. With weekly videos on all things web design and development, DevTips does a great job at tackling relevant tools and programs with easy-to-follow how-to’s and tutorials.

In contrast to other tutorials (and maybe untrue web dev stereotypes), DevTips entertainment value is next-level. Travis brings his fun, high-energy personality to make the videos not only informative, but also stimulating. On top of that, Travis also posts some phenomenal web developer career and life advice for young web dev professionals and advocates. I’d suggest starting with Advice and Crap for Young Creators and follow the rabbit hole from there.

Traversy Media

While Traversy Media can be a good resource for beginners, this channel is especially helpful for intermediate web developers. If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, or in need of a refresher for that tool you haven’t touched in a while, this is the developer YouTube channel fo you. Traversy Media does a great job of completely explaining concepts and expanding on details, which is turn does make for slightly longer video tutorials. Popular topics include Vue, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Angular, and much more.

Traversy Media puts out plenty of content about the current landscape of the industry and where trends are heading, too. If you’d like to learn more about what web development looks like today and where it’s heading for the New Year, take a look at the Web Development in 2018 – A Practical Guide video.

If you like what you see there, dive deeper into 2018 trends with this Most Popular and Influential Programming Languages of 2018 article.


Just like the title says, Codecourse is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching code and all things code-related. Codecourse ensures all videos are short, sweet and right to the point, which makes life easy for coders on a tight deadline. Codecourse can also be an incredibly valuable resource to those just starting out in the world coding.

Codecourse has some of the most popular PHP tutorials and how-to’s and are a great starting point for coders of all levels. Take a look at this PHP Basics: Introduction video and go from there!

The New Boston

With just shy of 2 million subscribers, The New Boston is certainly one of the most popular web dev YouTube channels out there – and for great reason! The New Boston has a vast library of videos, tutorials, and series geared toward complete beginners to help teach every step along the way to developer mastery. That doesn’t mean The New Boston is only for beginners, though. You’ll be sure to find plenty of more advanced tutorials on topics including Python 3.4, Computer Networking, and much more.

Look a little deeper and you will see that The New Boston is home to much more than just tech and web dev videos. You can find videos ranging from an Introduction to Physics lecture, to science experiments and even how to build your own PC. I’d suggest starting with either Java Programming Tutorial #1 or Don’t Try This at Home – Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear.

Wes Bos

On the lesser well-known side of the spectrum, Wes Bos is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to YouTube web dev experts.This is a great page for beginners looking to first learn Java. Wes creates videos that are incredibly easy to understand and fun to watch, explains the most basic Java concepts, and carries you along to become well-versed in the world of web dev.

Wes has fantastic series on Redux and Flexbox, but I would suggest starting with his 30 Day Vanilla JavaScript Challenge. Do this for a month and you’ll be happily surprised where your new skills are!


On the other end of the spectrum from Wes Bos, Computerphile is geared towards higher-level developer professionals with an understanding of complex topics and computer science theories. This channel is a great tool for expanding your existing skill set and getting involved with in-depth discussions. With nearly one million subscribers, Computerphile is a well-respected channel full of insight.

On top of HTML and Java talk, Computerphile also takes a look at virtual reality, blockchain technology, net neutrality, and even time zones. Take a look at SGML HTML XML Whats the Difference and prepare to be amazed.

Fun Fun Function

Fun Fun Function is headed up by a man by the name of Mattias Johansson who is another expert entertainer and industry guru. Johansson has worked for Absolut Vodka, Blackberry, and Spotify and knows how to captivate an audience. Fun Fun Function puts out a new video every couple of days so this is a great channel to subscribe to if you’re constantly looking to expand your knowledge and stay as up-to-date as possible in the world of web dev.

Not only does Fun Fun Function have phenomenal videos on JavaScript, HTML, and basic coding, Johansson also dives into more unique topics, such as Haskell basics, GraphQL, and important habits for developers. Start with Top 8 Developer Habits: Getting Sh*t Done and enjoy your newfound motivation!


Level Up Tutorials was founded by Scott Tolinski in 2012 after Scott suffered an unfortunate (and semi-embarrassing) concussion from a breakdancing accident. This left Scott inactive at home for quite a while. With his newfound time, he gave us Level Up Tutorials and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Scott has a philosophy of providing viewers with more than just simple “what to type when” explanations, but rather provides in-depth beginner tutorials. This allows newbies to not only know the “how”, but also understand the “why” when it comes to developing and coding. Scott has since put out nearly 1,000 videos on JavaScript, React, Meteor, and even website performance and monitoring.

Start with his Essential Skills – JavaScript.


You may know Udacity for their “nanodegrees”, or online education programs and courses on web dev and other high-level professional skills. They are working to build the “University of Silicon Valley” which would offer credentials to web developers, data analysts, and mobile developers. Whether you buy into that or not, Udacity has a terrific stash of resourceful videos for beginners on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as more advanced videos on app development, web performance optimization, and UX Design. All of their videos are created by industry experts so you can rest assured you are getting the latest information.

Consider starting with their Intro to HTML and CSS Course and who knows, maybe you’ll end up completing a full nanodegree.


YouTube is a terrific resource to learn new skills and build on existing knowledge. Sometimes, though, we don’t have the time to sit down weekly for an hour-long video on best practices or upcoming trends. If that’s the case, check out Stackify’s new Developer Things Podcast. It’s the perfect developer companion for morning commutes or afternoon runs.

And of course, everyone needs to take a brain break once in a while, and YouTube is the perfect solution for that, too. Just take a dive down the Bad Lip Reading rabbit hole, starting with this one. See you on the other side!

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