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Self-Hosted Retrace for MSPs (Managed Services Providers)

Building trust with customers is paramount in IT services. Monitoring application performance is integral to ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering business success. Service Integrators (SIs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now offer their customers secure, exclusive access to application performance data, error tracking, and logs through Self-Hosted Retrace

In the world of IT services, building trust with customers is absolutely crucial for service providers. Whether you are a System Integrator (SIs), Managed Services Provider (MSPs), or an Application Development and Management (ADM) company, your clients entrust you with their most critical applications. For you, closely monitoring your client’s application performance and quality isn't just important – it's essential for survival.

Effective monitoring not only ensures that your clients are satisfied but also keeps your businesses running smoothly. By promptly identifying and addressing issues, you can minimize disruptions, reduce costs, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this helps to foster stronger relationships and build trust with clients, which is essential for long-term success in the IT services industry.

Today, a growing number of clients demand that System Integrators (SIs) and Managed Services Providers (MSPs) furnish performance data to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), manage risks, conduct integration testing, and make data-driven decisions.

However, many of you face challenges in offering complete transparency to your clients. This is primarily due to limitations in observability capabilities, high costs, and inflexible deployment options.For instance, relying solely on Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions isn't feasible for MSPs like you, as your clients have specific regulatory requirements and data residency constraints. Most observability platforms available today are designed for specific use cases, making them less adaptable to the diverse needs of SIs and MSPs like you.

Recognizing these challenges, we introduced Stackify Self-Hosted Retrace. This solution, residing in your own Cloud, provides control, data privacy, security, and compliance, enabling scalable and cost-efficient application performance management.

To illustrate the benefits, take the example of a (fictitious) self-hosted Retrace customer - Innosolv Inc. InnoSolv is an MSP that provides application development & maintenance services to its customers. Customers rely on InnoSolv to manage performance & quality of their business critical applications

Innosolv needs an observability platform that lets their customers BigBank, BigPharma and GroceryStore to access their own applications, servers and environments in a dedicated and secure manner.

With self-hosted Retrace, Innosolv has ‘Mission Control’ features that let them centrally monitor all end customer applications. In addition, each end customer of Innosolv Inc gets their own dedicated account to manage their users, servers, applications and environments

INNOSOLV Inc - Admin

Mission Control Features

  • Centrally Monitor all End Customer Accounts
  • Superadmin Features
  • Manage End Customer Accounts (Add / Delete / Manage Accounts & Users)
  • Account level Authentication & Access control, with each End Customer having control of their own applications & servers
  • Impersonate End Customer Account to view / troubleshoot if needed

INNOSOLV Inc - Customers

Dedicated Account Features - available to each End Customer

  • Dedicated Account for each end Customer
  • Dedicated management of each Client’s own - Applications, Servers, Environments, Users
  • Dedicated Observability data & dashboards - Metrics, Traces, Errors, Logs
  • Custom Dashboards to monitor business & system performance
  • Individual user access at application, environment or admin level

Mission Control - Admin Feature - View Customer Accounts

Innosolv can 'impersonate' customer accounts and view the application health, monitoring, alerts, usage, simplifying troubleshooting and enhancing the overall support experience. Such functionalities are indicative of Retrace's overarching goal: to empower SIs, MSPs, and ADMs in cultivating a deep-seated credibility with their end customers by offering unparalleled service quality.

Mission Control - Admin Feature - Access Customer Users and Accounts

Mission Control - Admin Feature - Manage Customer Accounts

In addition to closely managing end customer deployments, Innosolv can manage end customer accounts (Add/Delete), Authentication and Access control

Customer Applications Dashboard - Available to Innosolv and Customers

Innosolv and the customer of Innosolv have the access to their applications dashboard providing a full scale observability solution with correlated metrics, traces and logs. The common dashboard ensures Innosolv and their end customer will have a single view of the truth and issues can be proactively addressed, resulting in a high degree of transparency and trust.

Essentially, Stackify's Self-Hosted Retrace platform goes beyond mere monitoring tools; it becomes your strategic asset as a service provider navigating today's complex IT landscape. By enhancing transparency, responsiveness, and authenticity, Stackify prioritizes your customers' needs. This enables you to not just meet but surpass evolving client expectations, ensuring operational excellence and fostering lasting customer relationships.

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