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Best Node.js Blogs and YouTube Channels

By: Sagar
  |  May 2, 2023
Best Node.js Blogs and YouTube Channels

Node.js is an open-source framework that helps developers create dynamic web pages that can run across multiple platforms. It is built on Chrome V8, which means that it uses the same compiler or interpreter as Chrome.

Node.js is used for full-stack, front-end, and back-end development. It simplifies real-time communication between the client and server. Node.js also has an event-driven architecture, which allows input and output asynchronously. These are some of the few reasons programmers and developers have started using Node.js avidly.

You can find educational sources to get started with learning your Node.js or improve your skills.

Here we’ll discuss some of the common sources like blogs and YouTube channels.

Node.js Top Blogs

The Dev Community Blog

The Dev community is among the best places to share and learn Node.js concepts along with other developers. You can find articles, tutorials, and projects in this blog. You can also post questions and start discussions with fellow developers. It’s a great place to share your ideas and ask questions. Several posts are uploaded every day as this blog has an active user base.

Some of the popular posts uploaded over this blog include the following:

  • Finding and Fixing Node.js Memory Leaks: A Practical Guide
  • Simple Restful APIs with Node.js and ES6
  • Introduction to Web Scraping with Node.js
  • Beginner Tutorial Node.js #1

QuickCode Blog

QuickCode is a blog from QuickCode provides free online courses and tutorials for learning any programming language. Their interactive and detailed course on Node.js is among the best resources online. They provide detailed information on all the main topics of the Node.js framework including projects like the note-taking app, and interactive weather application. Some of their popular Node.js courses are:

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Building Functional Prototypes using Node.js
  • Node JS Tutorial for Beginners
  • Server-side Development with NodeJS
  • Express and MongoDB
  • Angular and Node.js Integration

NodeWeekly Blog

NodeWeekly is one of the popular blogs dedicated to providing news and articles related to Node.js. This blog is updated every week with one post. All the posts talk about the current news related to Node.js, coding, and its tools, descriptive articles and tutorials.

Some of their popular posts are:

  • The Node.js API Framework
  • Operationalizing Node.js for Server-Side Rendering
  • Node Framework Popularity

HowToNode Blog

HowToNode is a community supported blog that is dedicated to providing information about how to perform different tasks using Node.js. This blog was started by Tim Caswell, who has posted numerous tutorials on several important concepts of Node.js. The articles posted on this blog are very informative and useful for people who wish to learn how to work with this JavaScript framework.

A few of the popular posts on this blog are:

  • Node.js for Beginners
  • Content Syndication with Node.js
  • Sending e-mails with Node and NodeMailer
  • Solving Coding Challenges with Streams

ToTheNew Blog

ToTheNew is an IT company that provides end-to-end Product Engineering and Digital Transformation to their clients. They post useful and informative articles on their blog regarding different programming languages. They have several good Node.js articles and tutorials that you can go through to advance your skills.

Some of their Node.js posts include:

  • Node.js: Getting started with Express.js and MongoDB
  • Async Module for Node.js
  • Web Sockets in Node.js
  • Microservices and Node.js

Reddit for Node.js

Reddit is among the best online communities of users where people share information, ask questions, and take part in discussions and debates on a number of topics related to any field. It is widely popular and ranks 5th among the top most visited sites in the US.

Reddit for Node.js is a subreddit where you can find many posts, discussions, tutorials and question/answers related to Node.js.

Some of the popular Node.js posts include:

  • What is Node.js?
  • Learning Node.js
  • Mastering Async Await in Node.js
  • I/O bound vs CPU bound in Node.js
  • Rails I/O vs Node.js I/O

FreeCodeCamp Blog

FreeCodeCamp is a popular blog that offers many online courses related to different programming languages for free. They provide Node.js courses where you can learn by building projects and also get certificates for completion of those courses. Apart from Node.js, you can also find good quality content related to different courses such as D3.js, Git & GitHub and React.js. This blog is updated with multiple posts in a single day.

Some of the popular Node.js posts in this blog include:

  • What exactly is Node.js?
  • Node.js Stream: Everything You Need To Know
  • Securing Node.js RESTful APIs with JSON Web Tokens
  • Node.js Child Process: Everything You Need To Know


RisingStack is an organization that provides training and services like support, consultation and development for languages like Javascript, Kubernetes, and frameworks like Node.js. Their blog provides useful posts for learning new things about Node.js. It is updated with new posts every few weeks.

Some of their popular Node.js posts include:

  • How to Debug a Node.js app in a Docker Container
  • A 6-Step-Guide for Contributing to the Node.js Core
  • Understanding & Measuring HTTP Timings with Node.js
  • Mastering the Node.js Core Modules – The Process Module

HackerNoon Blog

HackerNoon is a tech community where more than 70,000 people post articles for more than 8 million readers monthly. Their posts provide information on every topic related to Node.js. It is updated on a daily basis with multiple posts in a single day.

Some popular Node.js posts over this blog are:

  • Build an Uptime Monitor in Minutes with Slack Standard Library
  • Node.js- Right from Scratch
  • How to Develop a Boilerplate for API with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Stackify’s Blog

We may be a little biased, but we think Stackify’s blog is a great source for useful information on Node.js. Stackify provides tools to help dev teams improve and monitor the performance of their applications.

Some of our popular content on Node.js includes:

Stackify Retrace provides continuous application performance support for Node.js application.  Try Retrace’s free, 14 day trial today.

Top Node.js YouTube Channels

Now that we have gone through the best blogs to learn Node.js, let us look at some of the popular YouTube Channels that provide informative content on important concepts of Node.js. We have listed some of the popular channels based on their number of subscribers, views, and likes.

Following are some of the best YouTube channels to learn Node.js.

The New Boston

The New Boston

The New Boston is among the top YouTube channels that provide tutorials on programming languages. They have great video tutorials that are easy to understand and learn. This channel has more than 4,000 videos that provide tutorials on many computer technologies like Angular, Django, Python, C, Node.js, and React.js.

The Node.js video tutorial series has a total of 22 videos that teach people right from the installation on different platforms to other advanced topics like Understanding Multiple Requests, Understanding Reference Objects, Object Factory and Working with JSON Data.

Number of Subscribers: 2,119,529

Views on Video: 1,037,332

Programming Knowledge

Programming Knowledge

Programming Knowledge is a great YouTube channel to get started with Node.js, as well as other programming concepts. Beginners who wish to start their journey as a developer can easily do so through this channel. Programming Knowledge has more than 1,000 videos dedicated to teaching different languages like Visual C++, Android, Android SQLite, Ubuntu Linux, Python, and

There are total 31 Node.js tutorial videos on this channel. These videos cover topics like Introduction, Node.js Debugger, Reading and Writing files using fs, Node.js Event, and EventEmitter, Basic Routing with Node.js and Node Package Manager.

Number of Subscribers: 778,628

Views on Video: 91,869

The Coding Train

The Coding Train

The Coding Train provides tutorials on many languages that are very detailed, innovative, and easy to understand. The main focus of these tutorials is towards “Creative Coding” The channel has tutorials ranging from basic programming languages like JavaScript to complex subjects like physics simulation, computer vision, and data visualization.

The channel uploads videos on a regular basis and has more than 800 total videos. Some of the main topics which you can learn through this channel include TensorFlow.js, Neuroevolution, Machine Learning, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Number of Subscribers: 621,041

Views on Videos: 310,785



The Edureka YouTube channel provide tutorials, video lectures, sample classes and webinars on IT topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Data Science, Android Development, Apache Spark, etc. It has more than 2,000 videos that are very descriptive and also help beginners to easily get a grasp of the concepts of a language. You can learn languages like MySQL, Perl, Java, PHP, and Angular through their channel.

There are total 18 Node.js video tutorials on this YouTube channel that cover topics like Mean Stack Application, Node.js Express, Node.js NPM Basics, and Modules.

Number of Subscribers: 537,679

Views on Videos: 29,857

Learn Code Academy

Learn Code Academy

Learn Code Academy is a channel that provides free web development tutorials through videos. The channel has more than 150 videos dedicated to providing detailed knowledge of different languages to its viewers. It includes tutorials of languages such as HTML, React.js, Node.js, Angular, Docker, and DevOps.

There are total 11 Node.js video tutorials on this YouTube channel that covers topics like How to Send Server Emails with Node.js, How to Deploy Node.js Applications, and Node.js MongoDB.

Number of Subscribers: 534,870

Views on Videos: 900,621

Traversy Media

Traversy Media

Traversy Media YouTube channel provides tutorials on the latest web development technologies including Node.js, Angular, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS, and much more. Through these video tutorials, you can easily understand and implement simple to advanced concepts of Node.js. This channel is updated once every few days and has posted more than 600 videos until now.

Around 12 Node.js video tutorials are available on this YouTube channel, which covers topics such as Update and Validation, Bower Bootstrap, Mongoose & Model Setup, Plug Template Engine, and Forms.

Number of Subscribers: 519,793

Views on Videos: 633,228



Academind YouTube channel has more than 400 videos based on teaching different programming languages and also explaining important concepts. These videos include tutorials and guides on languages like React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Laravel PHP and Node.js.

There are 18 videos on this channel that provides information on Node.js. These videos include topics like JavaScript Modules & Anonymous Functions, Rendering HTML Response, Routing, GET and POST Requests, and MongoDB.

Number of Subscribers: 217,532

Views on Videos: 116,853

Programming with Mosh

Programming with Mosh

The tutorials on the channel are easy to learn and understand. Different programming languages that can be learned through these video tutorials include JavaScript, React, C#, Node.js, and .NET.

The Node.js video tutorial consists of 15 videos that include topics like Node.js Architecture, Modules, Globals, Event Arguments, and HTTP Modules.

Number of Subscribers: 206,594

Views on Videos: 55, 438

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja YouTube channel uploads videos dedicated to teaching web development technologies like Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Vue.js, React, and many others. This channel has more than 800 videos and new videos are uploaded every few days.

The Node.js tutorials playlist on their YouTube channel has 37 videos that give in-depth information about all the major topics, such as Function Expressions, Module Patterns, Reading and Writing Files, Streams and Buffers, Basic Routing, and The package.json File.

Number of Subscribers: 206,479

Views on Video: 158,156

Code School

Code School

Code School provides video tutorials to learn different programming languages online. The video tutorials range from basic languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to complex languages such as Ruby, Python, iOS, and Databases. There are more than 200 video tutorials uploaded on this channel that is dedicated to teaching complex programming languages.

The Node.js tutorials on this channel are provided by an experienced instructor and contain high-quality content for viewers.

Number of Subscribers: 37, 608

Views on Videos: 350, 233

We hope you found this list useful!

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