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Fewzion: “Using Stackify we identify application performance issues earlier and solve them faster. ”

By: Alexandra
Fewzion: “Using Stackify we identify application performance issues earlier and solve them faster. ”

Australian work management software company Fewzion has become the latest international business to implement Stackify’s unique all-in-one application performance management  and error and log management solution. By utilizing Stackify’s application error and log management software, the team at Fewzion can now proactively identify and fix any system issue within their suite of work management tools before the end-users even notice.

These insights into system monitoring and log management facilitated by Stackify’s cloud-based solution allows developers in companies like Fewzion to save time when dealing with deployed software issues and, in turn, help development teams greatly improve overall client satisfaction.

Already providing workplace solutions for award-winning mines and large enterprises across Australia via its work management software, Fewzion allows its large-scale enterprise customers to design, create and track dynamic short-term work plans that empower supervisors to improve the efficiency of their operations.

“Stackify is a single solution that allows us to see all log and performance type data from one centralized dashboard, helping us to identify system issues earlier and solve them faster,” explains Fewzion CEO Alex Retzlaff. “Even if Stackify is installed in our clients’ private cloud, we are able to see it remotely and securely from the cloud-based Stackify solution. Stackify is affordable, dynamic, and offers great service, better than any of its competitors.” he says.

For developers looking for a multi-platform solution, Stackify supports numerous environments, including all Microsoft Windows® Server versions and major Linux operating systems, as well as applications based on .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python.

“Previously, if a software error came up we would have to dig through log files on our own servers and our client’s servers in order to find and fix that error,” adds Retzlaff. “Stackify was able to provide us with a log and error monitoring system that could work seamlessly within our clients’ cloud servers and be remotely accessible by our team, something we haven’t found in any other tracking solution.”

By combining a number of vital support tools in one solution, Stackify aims to overcome a common issue faced by many developers as they continuously deal with the glitches of their deployed software. According to VentureBeat, 56% of development teams see their apps succeed in testing environments, but fail in production ones.

“In our experience, a developer’s limited access to the right support tools, and the lack of solution integration by individual tools leads to a 30% loss in a developer’s overall productivity,” says Stackify Founder and CEO Matt Watson. “That is the difference with Stackify. We don’t just provide one tool, we provide everything that a developer requires to understand their application’s behavior in one centralized and integrated manner, allowing them to ensure quality support and optimal performance of their applications for their clients,” he adds.

About Fewzion

Fewzion designs, sells and supports its work management software to create more organized, engaged and productive workforces. They have a clear focus on ensuring supervisors have a plan that they can use to lead their team as this is the key to improved productivity in almost every blue collar workforce.

Fewzion sits on the front of most ERP and planning tools and helps by replacing all the old fashioned spreadsheets and whiteboards used to manage daily work. This makes it easy to create a sustainable, integrated visual factory in your workplace.

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