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What is Continuous Application Improvement?

By: Alexandra
  |  March 16, 2023
What is Continuous Application Improvement?

CAI stands for Continuous Application Improvement. It is a software improvement process that is implemented at each step of the SDLC, ensuring immediate feedback at each step rather than waiting until risk levels and impact has gone up. When you implement CAI you shift your improvement process as far left as possible and catch software bugs and performance problems where they are introduced, eliminating countless hours of time spent chasing issues.

Why Continuous Application Improvement matters

  1. The “bug” stops here
    Developers and DevOps can see problems they are responsible for right away and can make changes without having to pass the buck unknowingly.
  2. A continuous feedback loop
    Developers get feedback on their code as they’re writing it.
    QA and DevOps catch problems in non-prod that go far beyond just functional testing and before they deploy to production.
    Ops and DevOps can proactively improve applications and pass requirements over to product management to inform the planning stage directly from production. 

How is Continuous Application Improvement different from APM?

CAI incorporates dynamic code analysis and full lifecycle APM rather than just a traditional APM. CAI starts when developers start writing code.

Who can benefit from Stackify’s Continuous Application Improvement? 

Software development teams that have a goal to ship more software and spend less time fixing production issues. All developers and DevOps can benefit from CAI. 

How do I implement Continuous Application Improvement?

There is no extra process and no extra staff needed to implement CAI. 

Install Prefix and Retrace and you will benefit from CAI with simple checks during your existing SDLC process that will make you infinitely better and more proactive.

For Developers: Check Prefix while writing code. 

For QA: Check Retrace after running your tests and ensure you’ve covered all your bases, not just functional testing, but load testing and more. 

For DevOps/Ops: Add a quick review in Retrace and see if anything has popped up. 

Use Retrace to identify how to improve the performance of your software.

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