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Case Study: Ticket Solutions and Stackify’s Retrace

By: Alexandra
  |  April 29, 2014
Case Study: Ticket Solutions and Stackify’s Retrace


Who are Ticket Solutions & VeriShip?

Ticket Solutions, for over 17 years, has specialized in finding premium seating to any sport, concert, or theatre event worldwide. The company prides itself in providing unrivaled service to their customers. VeriShip, established in 2006, is the leader in small parcel auditing, analytics, reporting and technology solutions.

Their solutions are distributed in different environments using both physical and virtual servers. Their systems are built to ensure scale using distributed processing load across many servers utilizing many applications and technologies. They are utilizing web sites, web services and APIs, Windows services, and scheduled tasks as well as legacy systems.


Better support, faster issue resolution, and happier customers.

Ticket Solutions and VeriShip share the same IT support group. For both web and backend applications, Ticket Solutions and VeriShip were looking to improve the support of their ever increasing application complexities and gain a more comprehensive view of system faults and failures. They were looking for a way to scale up their product support and control the involvement of their development staff and production level access for the various product and support teams.

“Existing monitoring tools were only providing us with alerts when something was wrong.  In any given scenario, we could have had several alerts and not understand how they are related or what is the root cause of the problem. Stackify’s Retrace made sense of the information and helped us pinpoint the problem.” said the CTO of both Ticket Solution and VeriShip. “Using Stackify we changed our support model and embraced DevOps movement and we can now offer better support and faster application issue resolution.”


DevOps Insight: Retrace connects the data, making it easier to fix application issues.

“Before Retrace, our monitoring service might have given us several different alertssuch as low disk space or website is down, but we couldn’t know if they were connected to the same issue and what was the source,” said Ticket Solutions’ and VeriShip’s CTO.

“Without Stackify, our Systems Administrator would get these alerts and have a log file growing uncontrollably that he didn’t understand the content and the error messages. He then would have contacted the developers and leave it to them to figure it out, but they wouldn’t have all the relevant info. Retrace helped us get the message to the right group to fix the problem. It provides them with the right clues and gets them the data needed and control mechanisms necessary for that group to solve the problem quickly without having to go back and forth with the support or operations team. We actually changed our support model to grow around Stackify and the DevOps movement. DevOps and Retrace allow us to provide better, faster, more responsive support.”


Key Benefits of Stackify’s Retrace

  • All the tools you need to monitor your app health in one platform – no more point solutions
  • Automatically finds all apps on different servers and creates monitors
  • Easy to install with smart defaults providing immediate out-of-the-box value
  • Seamlessly scale up and down your environment
  • Monitor webpage level performance and user satisfaction
  • Option for secured configurable read-only access to any set of files on the server for faster diagnostics


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