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On-Demand Webinar

Better Code, Better Results: No BS

There are ways to speed up delivery and be more confident about what you’re sending to production without adding extra manpower. The idea of shifting left, or speeding up the movement of a release and the delivery pipeline by automating and consistently deploying is not a new concept, but how do we actually get there?

Often, the testing we do is not enough or only focuses on the functional piece of the code, but when you add new variables with each deployment, there can be performance changes or different configurations that slip through the cracks.

Start finding hidden errors before they go into production instead of spending the bulk of developers’ time fixing issues after the fact.

Watch Craig Ferril, COO and Megan Horton, Director of Client Success, as they share real life examples of how development teams are able to reap the productivity benefits of shifting left with small, easy to implement changes.

Key takeaways include:

  • Actionable, small changes to ensure fewer issues slip through the cracks
  • Practical, no BS steps to improving your application
  • Learn how to tie back issues to a specific moment in time and area of your code
  • Use cases of how companies have successfully shifted left in the real world